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8th Annual Talent Show Fundraiser!

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Crooked Creek 2017 Photos

2018 Camp Dates!!!

YL Crooked Creek Ranch - July 14-22
CCR Registration

Capernaum Crooked Creek - July 14-22
Capernaum CCR Registration 

Wyldlife Camp Buckner - June 19-23
Buckner Registration

Wilderness Ranch - June 22-30
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Contact Information

Central Austin Young Life
PO Box 163041
Austin, TX 78716

c: 512-563-8430
f: 512-879-6277

Spring Dates:

January 29 First Clubs!
February 5 Club
February 10-11 WyldLife Overnight
February  12 Club (NO WYLDLIFE)
February 19 Alternative Clubs (PRESIDENT'S DAY)
February 26 All Area Clubs (CAMP SIGNUP NIGHT)
March 5 Club
March 9-18 Spring Break
March 19 Club
March 26 All Area Club- (Kickball Team Registration)
April 2 YL Tacky Prom Kickball
WyldLife Alternative All Area
April 9 Club
April 15 Talent Show Fundraiser
April 16 Club
April 23 Club
April 30 All Area Club (LAST CLUB)
June 19-23 Camp Buckner (WyldLife)
June 22-30 Wilderness Ranch
July 14-22 Crooked Creek Ranch (YL and Capernaum)
*Capernaum meets on Tuesday of the above dates.